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Why work with SpanTech? 

    We have big projects that you can really sink your teeth into.

    We're supportive.

    We're fun to work with.

    We offer opportunities for growth.

    We pay as expected.





We give useful feedback to suppliers with whom we are interested in continuing a relationship.

By not being in an employer/employee relationship, most self-employed individuals rarely get honest feedback from their clients. It may be annoying at times to be told what you did wrong or what someone else thinks you could do to improve, but's it's very valuable.


Feedback gives everyone an opportunity to learn and grow. That goes both ways; you may not always agree with everything we say, and we may not always be right. Neither of us will learn if we don't discuss. Feedback is an opportunity to open a dialog for the development of both parties.





SpanTech specializes in developing strong, long-standing relationships with major clients which garner large-volume jobs. Quality is a key component,and so is pricing. Our rates reflect the volumes we handle. We adjust our rates to each client's requirements, and pay as much as we consider feasible. We do not base our offers on your established rates; rather, we make an offer and you are free to take it or leave it. Our margins are slim. The rate we offer is normally at the top end of what we can pay for a given job without going into the red.

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