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Information for Suppliers

General Instructions - PLEASE READ!


Do not accept work that is beyond your ability or that you cannot complete on time.


Deliveries should be made through the Supplier Service Page (access via "Supplier Log In").


Delivery files should have the same filename as the source.


TTX files must be done in Trados Tag Editor. Never change the name of a TTX file.


If you receive a lone PDF file, replicate it in Word.


If you use PDF conversion software, use it with caution; the end result should be a flowing, properly-built Word document, not a patchwork of text boxes.


Include graphics, stamps, and logos.


The format should match the source in:


  • Alignment (left, right, centered, justified). To get text to align correctly, don't go tab-tab-tab, instead, use the alignment buttons or set special tabs.

  • Character formatting (font, size, bold, italics, underline)

  • Proper headers, footers, page numbering

  • Matching margins

  • In indexed documents, use styles to create inserted table of contents


If you don't know how to do some of those things check Help (F1) in Word or email


If the target language is English, use US English unless otherwise requested.


Any handwritten text should be included and labelled [handwritten] in brackets and italics.


Any illegible text should be replaced with [illegible] in brackets and italics.


Signatures should be indicated by [signature] in brackets and italics.


Number formatting should be localized (1,000.00 vs. 1.000,00).


Dates should be localized.


Sometimes units should be converted, sometimes not. Check with the Project Manager if you're not sure.


In most cases, any text in uneditable graphics needs to be translated in a bilingual two-column format. Check with the Project Manager if you're not sure.


Do not add anything new to the translation that is not included in the original. If translator's notes are needed, they should be included in a separate document.


In complex formatted documents, apply a manual page break between pages.


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