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Information for Suppliers

Delivery of Documents


If you receive:

The deliverable is:


.doc or .docx


.ttx bilingual

.doc or .docx

.doc or .docx


If you deliver a job that is based on target word count, please state the word count you plan to invoice in the email of your delivery.



Punctuality with Deadlines


Like Woody Allen said, eighty percent of success is showing up. Punctuality is the key to success in our business. On-time delivery is always expected. Taking on more than you can chew is shunned, but it's a fact of life that once in a while something comes up that makes it impossible to finish a project that you signed up for. The minute you realize you will not be able to deliver on time is the time when you need to communicate with the project manager, not a minute later.


Reassigning a job is not always easy, and the closer it gets to the deadline, the harder it gets, the more likely it is that we miss our own deadline, perhaps lose an important client, and the more annoyed the project manager is going to be with you. So deliver on time, every time, and if you must drop a job, talk about it earlier rather than later.

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